Avid Chicago Cubs fan (and Pearl Jam frontman) Eddie Vedder is, needless to say, excited about the prospect of his team going to the World Series this year, but it’s also posing a bit of a moral crisis for the singer.

Ahead of the Cubs’ game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday (Oct. 12) -- which the Cubs won 8-6 -- Vedder informed a Fox Sports Midswest reporter Pearl Jam have a scheduling conflict that would keep him from seeing his beloved Cubbies play the Series were they to make it.

“It’s been a surprise,” Vedder said. “We’re touring and I have to leave before the World Series; we go down to South America. All I’m saying is that, the next few years, we’re not going to play in October. This year, I didn’t think I’d have to worry about it!”

Pearl Jam’s tour kicks off in Santiago on Nov. 4, but nervous South American fans need not worry about last-minute cancelations in the wake of more Cubs wins.

“I hope we go to the World Series and I hope I miss the games,” Vedder said. “It’d be a good problem to have.”

Last night, the Cubs beat the Cardinals 6-4, advancing to the National League Division Series. Vedder celebrated on the field, where he told a CBS reporter the Cubs are “really effing good” -- so good he may have to pen a sequel to “All the Way.”

“Yeah, it’ll be in the past tense, like all that we did,” Vedder joked. “It’s not going to be someday, it’s going to be like next week, we’ll win.”

And if photos of grumpy-looking rock stars at Cubs games are becoming a thing, you can add Billy Corgan -- who was also at the Chicago game last night -- to that list.

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