Pearl Jam are throwing out surprises left and right on their current tour. First they covered one of the most ubiquitous songs of the past nine months onstage. And over the weekend they pulled out another trick from their endless bag.

But this one grosses us out a little. During the band's show in Stockholm, Eddie Vedder drank some wine out of a fan's shoe. The singer was holding a bottle of vino onstage when he said, "OK, I'll do you one better," and then grabbed a red sneaker from a fan and poured some wine into it. "I trust you."

He then quickly guzzled it as the rest of the band members shook their heads in disbelief (or maybe it was disgust). While the rest of Pearl Jam may not have been supportive of their frontman's stunt, fans were clearly into it. Watch the above video for proof.

The next night, the group got back down to business, performing 'Strangest Tribe,' a rarely played song originally released as a Christmas single in 1999, during its set in Oslo. You can watch that video below.

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