For Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, every moment counts – especially when you might only have "one or two" good albums left to create.

Their next one, titled Dark Matter, is due on April 19. Vedder's drive to complete the LP was strengthened by his goal to enjoy every opportunity that a long life provides.

"The older you get, the better you are at living in the present," he told Mojo magazine. "The understanding you have less time is the biggest number in the quotient."

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Several members of Pearl Jam's peer group – including Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains' Layne Staley, and Screaming Trees' Mark Lanegan – died too soon. That's only bolstered Vedder's resolve.

"The goal is to keep making music. It's your passion, your special purpose," he said. At this stage, "you lean on the relationships with the people who are still around. It really hits you when you are in a situation where that person would be there – and you're sad for them that they're not.

"But it makes you realize you gotta be healthy," Vedder added. "You want to be around for your kids. You want to make good records – and we might have one or two left."

Get a Sneak Preview of Pearl Jam's 'Dark Matter'

Of course, living well isn't always a guarantee for longevity. Vedder points to a legendary early-'70s photograph by Mick Rock featuring David Bowie, Lou Reed and the famously debauched Iggy Pop. "Who do you think would have been the last man standing?" Vedder marveled. "You would not have bet on Iggy Pop. So, you never know."

Pearl Jam is offering fans an early preview of Dark Matter for one night only on April 16 in select movie theaters. The LP will be played in its entirety twice, once in darkness and then again with added visuals. Venue and ticket information is available through the band's website.

As they move forward, Vedder says he treasures Pearl Jam's tight-knit relationship. "It's a brotherhood. That was never in doubt," he said. "There might have been a few speed bumps in the road, but we got through those by looking out for each other. In that way, we felt secure."

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