What are Pearl Jam's heaviest songs?

As one of the leaders of the grunge movement on the early '90s, Pearl Jam have shown great evolution in their music over the years. They've become masters of the introspective melancholic ballad, served up plenty of hard rocking hits and found a bit of a folk influence over time as well. But what about their heavy songs?

They may not be as plentiful, but when Pearl Jam wants to unleash they can do so amongst the best of them. Eddie Vedder is never one to lack for passion in these moments, imbuing some of their more hard-hitting material with impactful vocal work that makes you feel the angst or anger that he's feeling in that moment.

In addition, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band can truly fire it up, dropping some pit-starting punk riffs or some hard-hitting heavy metal licks that push their energy to new heights.

At this point in their career, Pearl Jam have an expansive catalog, but you'll find material ranging from some of their earlier work to a song that even came from their most recent album among their five heaviest works, so it's safe to say that the passion is as strong as ever.

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Check out our picks for Pearl Jam's five heaviest songs below.

The Five Heaviest Pearl Jam Songs

Putting the jam in Pearl Jam, here are the band's heaviest songs.

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