Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has released two new solo singles, "Matter of Time" and "Say Hi," after premiering them last night at a virtual charity event, Venture Into Cures.

The event was hosted by Vedder and his wife, Jill. He also released an official music video to accompany "Matter of Time" and an intimately filmed live performance of "Say Hi."

You can watch both videos below.

Venture Into Cures was produced as a benefit for a nonprofit Vedder and Jill founded in 2014 called the EB Research Partnership, an organization dedicated to researching treatments and educating the public on Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a genetic skin disorder that affects roughly 500,000 people and for which there is no known cure. Children with EB, sometimes called "butterfly children," are born with extremely fragile skin that often blisters or tears, causing severe pain.

Even though this version is new, Vedder originally wrote "Say Hi" for Eli Meyer, a young boy suffering from EB and struggling to feel accepted by his peers. "Matter of Time" also has ties to the cause. Vedder's lyrics note the pain of dealing with a disease that doesn't seem to let up: "As we arise with the sun in our eyes / Catch a break from the dark / Still times when nothing's all right / As we bandage up all our parts."

“EB is brutal. It’s so unbelievably painful and horrific to watch what these kids are going through,” Jill Vedder told WE Charity. “But we believe — the researchers believe — that we can cure it.”

In an effort to continue to raise funds for the research partnership, Vedder invited various celebrity guests to appear alongside him at Venture Into Cures, including David Letterman, Adam Levine, Jon Batiste, Billie Eilish, Chris Hemsworth, Laura Dern and more.

Fans can now pre-order the dual singles on vinyl, as well as a limited-edition event poster, with all proceeds going towards the EB Research Partnership.

Watch Eddie Vedder's 'Matter of Time' Video

Watch Eddie Vedder's 'Say Hi' Video


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