Pearl Jam has released “Running,” the latest song from their upcoming album Dark Matter.

With a flurry of guitars, propulsive drumming and frenzied vocals from frontman Eddie Vedder, “Running” is one of the most punk-leaning songs in Pearl Jam’s arsenal. In the lyrics, Vedder rails against a "Dictator, love hater" who has him "running 'till the second coming." The tune's chorus brings echoes that anxiety, as Vedder sings: "Lost in the tunnel and the tunnel's getting funneled / Like the sewage in the plumbing / 'Cause we left the fucking water running."

Later, the tune momentarily breaks down in the bridge before ratcheting the energy up once more to close. Listen to “Running” below.

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In a recent conversation with Spin, Stone Gossard explained how “Running” came together.

“Jeff (Ament) had the main parts for that one, and we worked it over as a band,” the guitarist explained. “I love the bridge. I don’t know what the hell those chords are that Mike’s playing, but it sounds original. It’s one of the last ones we recorded at Shangri-La, and it was fun to come up with one more uptempo song. Ed’s vocal dexterity here and on a few other spots on the album is just stunning.”

When Does Pearl Jam's New Album Come Out?

Pearl Jam will released Dark Matter on April 19. The album marks the twelfth studio LP of the band's career. Much of it was recorded at Shangri-La, a studio in Malibu, California originally built by the Band.

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The project was helmed by Andrew Watt, the super-producer who has worked with everyone from the Rolling Stones and Ozzy Osbourne to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

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