Feuds have been prevalent throughout rock history, and 2022 gave us plenty more to add to the list. Whether on social media, face-to-face or through their lawyers, the following acts had no problems airing their grievances this year.

In some cases, a war of words erupted due to a simple difference of opinion. Such was the case for Ted Nugent and Joan Jett, who exchanged barbs through various interviews over the fact that she'd been included on a list of rock’s greatest guitarists.

In other instances, feuds were linked to long simmering cross-generational divides – as when Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder decided to voice his displeasure with Motley Crue, once more pitting grunge rock against glam metal.

Money is always great feud fodder, and several notable acts spent time this year battling over payments. Steve Gorman took his former Black Crowes bandmates to court, while K.K. Downing alleged that Judas Priest hadn’t paid him in over five years despite an agreement of compensation.

Of course, not every rock star feud is music-related. Many average joes can relate to neighborly disputes, and that’s exactly what’s been fueling a series of arguments between Jimmy Page and pop star Robbie Williams for years. They clashed again in 2022, this time over a proposed two-story fence between their properties.

Then there’s the case of Journey. They ended up in multiple feuds within the same year, thanks to battles with ex-members, current members and TV personalities.

Below, we’ve highlighted 11 of the biggest rock feuds from 2022.

2022 Rock Feuds

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