if Shazam is to be believed, the first snippet of Pearl Jam's upcoming single "Dance of the Clairvoyants" can now be heard on the Bill Simmons podcast.

Neither the band nor Simmons have confirmed this news, with the popular sports and pop culture personality simply saying "first... some new music" before playing the clip at the start of the Jan. 16 episode of his show.

However both the track and band name turns up when you listen on the song-identifying app, and it would make sense for Simmons to be the one to get this exclusive. Since November of 2016 he's been using live versions of Pearl Jam's "Corduroy" and "Yellow Ledbetter" - taken from the band's Wrigley Field concerts - as his intro and outro music.

You can hear the 11-second clip starting at the 2:01 mark of the podcast embedded below. Neither Eddie Vedder's vocals nor any guitars appear on the track, which consists of a sharp drum beat paired with a rubbery bass line and a haunting keyboard figure reminiscent of the Talking Heads.

Gigaton, Pearl Jam's 11th studio effort and first in eight years, is set to be released on March 27. A Jan. 13 press release announcing the album stated that the "Dance of the Clairvoyants" single would be released "in the coming weeks."

The group will launch a world tour in support of the album on March 18 in Toronto, Canada.

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